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Aged 4-6

Children as young as 3-6 years old are very keen and curious on new knowledge. Learning English at this age can be advantageous. Having strong memories and interest in fun learning, they will do well far more better than others. With the proper guidance from caring teachers, they are set to explore into the interesting world of English.

The books and materials used in the course are mainly designed to be interactive. With audio CDs and visual aids they will learn the

proper pronunciation from only the best sources. With a total of 7 segments i.e Phonics, Speaking, Listening, Reading, Story Telling, Arts and Crafts, and Colouring, you will never hear them complain about attending lessons anymore. 

Having set a strong foundation in English at young age they will be well equipped to take on the challenge at elementary level without facing much difficulties. Give them the best today. It comes with the best teachers to guide them with care and concern.

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